Beauty Room

Create a Beauty Area of Your Own With These Amazing Items!!!

Hey dolls! So, lets talk about where the magic happens, that special area that our beauty routine takes place at every day. Is it a table in your kitchen? A vanity in your bedroom, the bathroom counter, or if you’re really lucky, a spare room? Thankfully, no matter where you’re set up to do your makeup or nails, any of these products can help you!

The Stand Out Pieces

Malm Dressing Table, $169. Ikea

First, a great vanity table is wonderful to have! I love my Malm table from Ikea, it’s not too pricy, and I love that the table has a piece of glass on the top, so messes are easy to clean and I can’t rave enough about the large drawer in front, it can hold alot of things you use daily. On top of mine I try to keep as clutter free as possible, just my mirror and then my brushes that i store in bedazzled or beauty themed mugs, occasionally 1 of my lip acrylic organizers wind up on it, but its so nice to have somewhere to sit while doing my hair and makeup. I do suggest having baby wipes or wet wipes of some kind with you while doing your makeup, because the drawer tends to get covered in things that you transfer with your hands onto the very white surface. It’s tall enough that most chairs will fit under it, and deep enough that a vanity mirror can sit on it while still giving you enough room to work.


Impressions Vanity Mirror, Prices Vary


Lighting is so important, especially if your space doesn’t get natural light. This mirror did so much for my makeup game, I had no idea that my lighting was as bad as it was. While this is very pricy, it’s the perfect size for doing your hair and makeup, has a dimmer, and a place to plug things in, I usually use it for either my straightener, or for charging my tablet, this is a great item, if you’re willing to splurge.




Nail Polish Rack, $39, Amazon

If nail polishes are your thing, then this is what you need! This display is very inexpensive, much prettier than this picture makes it appear, and holds around 250 polishes! Since it’s a wall mount, it saves tons of space, no drawers or boxes needed!





   The Alex Drawers from Ikea, come in 2 sizes, depending on your storage needs. I love how sturdy these are! One huge tip, get some desk drawer organizers or ones made for utensils, and create smaller areas within the drawers to keep your makeup where you want it, it really comes in handy with lip and eye liners.





I am so passionate about floor to ceiling storage, and the Lack wall unit plus the Mosslanda Picture Shelf show it! I have 2 Lack units that have decor, small beauty items, qtips, candles, pics, and perfumes. Now the Mosslanda I LOVE and I have several!!! I use it for storing palettes, that way, they’re all visible and i don’t forget about older ones due to them laying somewhere and being sight unseen…


  1. MALM Dressing Table
  2. Impressions Vanity
  3. Nail Polish Rack
  4. ALEX 9 Drawers & ALEX 5 Drawers
  5. Large MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge
  6. LACK Wall Shelf Unit


Design Your Dream Area!




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